You should vote for George W. Bush in 2004 if . . .


. . . you think global warming isn't really happening and that doing anything about it is a waste of time.


. . . you think the terrorist threat to America is so serious that our traditional ideas of civil liberties need to be scrapped ASAP.


. . . you want government to do what it can to further enrich the top 2 percent of the population.


. . . you think America is strong enough that it can do without its traditional allies.


. . . you think responsible leaders sometimes must lie to the public in order to push through policies that will be for the greater good.


. . . you are proud of the fact that America has just 5 percent of the world's population but is rich enough to burn 25 percent of the world's oil every year.


. . . you believe that men who've never been in a jet cockpit can maneuver passenger jets with pinpoint accuracy.


. . . you think the question as to why there was no air response to the hijackings of 9-11 is an unimportant one that would only be asked by unpatriotic Americans.


. . . you believe that America has far too much protected wilderness and it's time we started using some of it to jumpstart our economy.


. . . you think education is a fifth-rate priority.


. . . you think the problem with public schools is that the teachers don't teach religion.


. . . you think The Kyoto Protocol is the title of a Tom Clancy novel.


. . . you think the ACLU is a communist organization that doesn't understand what made this country great.


. . . you believe progress in the world is seeing every other country become more and more like the U.S., and you are confident all other countries will come around to this view in the long run.


. . . you know that all nationalized medical systems are corrupt and ineffective and that our medical system is the best in the world.


. . . you think everyone who enters the U.S. should be fingerprinted and photographed.


. . . you believe that Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin were all fundamentalist Christians.


. . . you are willing to have your medical records, purchasing records, university records, library records, web usage and email stored on huge databases for government employees to search for clues as to who is a threat to national security.


. . . your IQ is ten points less than half your age times two.







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