Courtney, Aaron and Jeff:

My Kind of Friends


I think it’s always been pretty easy for me to make friends. This is because I'm outgoing and a little funny.  I like to make friends who are also outgoing and humorous.  And the most important thing is he or she likes to chitchat with me.


My social life now is focused on school, so I make friends with the people I know from school.  I became friends with Aaron on the first day I went to my junior high school. He’s my first friend in the class. He himself likes to joke a lot and he’s also outgoing, but nobody thinks he’s silly.


And how about Courtney?  She’s the first girl I made friends with.  Although she’s a girl, she definitely isn't shy. Her scores are good: she’s quite smart. And one special aspect of her is that she likes to help people.


Jeff was our first class leader.  He’s not only friendly, but a humorous guy too, so he was re-elected, and now he’s our second class leader, too.


One time when we had an exam, I came out 27th in the school.  Courtney was 53rd, Aaron was 39th, but Jeff was 229th.  Still they didn't laugh at each other.  And they continued to help each other solve questions and taught each other.  That's why people want make friends with them.


Other people in the class like them very much, and the teacher also likes them, because they’re happy to help the teacher and the other students.


Right now Aaron, Courtney and Jeff are my best friends in the class.  I don't know when we’ll say good-bye to each other.  But I hope we can be great friends for a long long time.


Terry Lu

September, 2002








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