McCain Challenges Obama to "Jaw-Strength" Contest



McCain vaunted the strength of his jaws for Florida supporters Wednesday.


A Disassociated Press Report, Orlando, Florida, June 10, 2008


By Eric Mader


Republican presidential nominee John McCain today challenged Democratic nominee Barack Obama to a "jaw-strength" contest.  McCain made the challenge during a campaign stop at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida.


"Friends, I think I've proven today that my bite is worse than his bark," said McCain to a group of supporters gathered outside SeaWorld's shark exhibit.


Sen. McCain had just demonstrated the power of his jaws on an educational exhibit visitors can use to measure their jaw strength against that of different species of shark.  Biting on a specially designed device, visitors can see the strength of their jaws displayed in pounds per square inch.


"An adult male human can usually bite at around 150 pounds per square inch," said Farley Wilkes, director of SeaWorld's shark exhibit.  "Great white sharks can clamp down at about 42,000 pounds per square inch.  We humans aren't even in their league."


Sen. McCain had far outdone any previous visitor to the exhibit.


"I don't know how it's possible," Wilkes commente, "but McCain's bite registered in at 38,000 pounds per square inch.  That's just shy of the strongest sharks."


"They tested me three times," McCain said, "because they couldn't believe I could do it.  The fourth time I broke the exhibit!"


Wilkes confirmed that the exhibit would need to be repaired. 


"You can still see his teeth marks in it," he said.


The senator's wife Cindy McCain said she wasn't surprised at her husband's bite.


"He has a bad temper, as he's often acknowledged," she said.  "He does this thing to control his temper, to keep from losing it.  He bites down on silverware.  We've gone through many sets over the years, so his jowls, I mean his jaw muscles, have built up like they have."


"I may be a bit older, and maybe my speeches aren't as rousing as my opponent's," McCain told supporters.  "But I challenge him to see if he can outbite me.  I bet he can't even break a fork with those teeth."








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