A Russian Critic Responds


Since posting my Bulgakov essay online I've gotten a handful of letters by way of comment or feedback.  Recently I received a letter of particular interest.  The writer doesn't agree with my reading of Bulgakov and it seems he is threatening to murder me and dump my body in a ditch.  At first I couldn't really follow how he himself understood Bulgakov, and in fact I still know nothing of this.  The problem, according to him, is that I can't read Russian, so why should he bother explaining to me?  Regardless of these initial difficulties, our correspondence continued.  Although I never could get much idea of his reading of Bulgakov, one thing I have gotten from these letters is some notion of the prospects for Middle-East peace. As follows.  08/02/03, Eric Mader




Re: You are a fucking moron




I read your web site and me and half of the entire Russian community in Israel were all about to die from amusement.  Ok, dont compare the/your New Testament to Bulgakovs work.  Stop trying to sound like you know what your talking!  But who knows, Eric, if you keep on writing crap like this you might be the next one to get chrusified.

     Have a nice day and go play in traffic ok man.  Or come to Israel and Ill show you to a nice ditch in the west bank.  Dasvedanya!!!! And have a great day.




[This Mail was sent from Cafe Net - Internet Espresso Bar - Jerusalem Central Bus Station.]






Tell me your own understanding of Bulgakov then.  I'm interested to know.  Your letter suggests to me your wide familiarity with Western and especially Russian literature.  And you really have that true post-Soviet tone!  I bet you wear mirror shades and say "man" in every other sentence.

     But I'm not sure if you meant to imply my reading of Bulgakov in relation to the New Testament was wrong, or if you were simply trying to tell me you haven't really read either Bulgakov or the New Testament.  I think either could be true, you know, man?

     Since you're obviously so proud of your West Bank ditches I'll let you continue there on your own.  I know that sooner or later you'll be out of there anyway.

     Also it's quite interesting to me that half the Russian community in Israel was in one Jerusalem espresso bar.  But I suppose such things happen, don't they?

     What's harder to understand is how a punk like you actually knows half the Russian community in Israel.


Have a nice day yourself OK?






Eric listen man I dont have anything to prove to a Christian.  You know what I did read the New Testament and then I put it in the bathroom because I ran out of toilet paper.  Eric, why would you even try to put up that kind of stupid website?  Use your brain you slow minded Christian. Do not compare a peace of trash like the New Testament to Bulgakov's work.  If you wanna make a stupid comparison then dont put it online, print on a role of toilet paper so you can wipe your ass with it.


As far as me knowing the Russian community in Israel, I live in Jerusalem in the Old City, right on top Kind David's Tomb.  You wanna know something you smart ass little bitch I was born in Russia and stupid bastards like you get shot for saying stupid things like that.  So, OK, man go get a job.








I asked you to let me know something of your notion of *The Master and Margarita*.  I didn't ask you because I thought you had to prove something to a Christian.  Instead I wanted to know a bit about what you thought of the work: what Bulgakov was getting at and such.  You're a Russian after all, and read it in the original.

     I asked you what you thought of Bulgakov and you told me instead of how you wipe your ass, or rather what you use to wipe it.  So get back to Bulgakov, OK, man?  I mean if you do read Bulgakov, you must have a line on it.

     You're such a smart-ass cunt I'd be willing to buy you a beer and listen to you for maybe as long as it took you to drink it.  But probably you wouldn't put up with even that and you'd gun me down like the American Christian dog I am.  Isn't that right?

     And now I remember Jesus in Bulgakov has something to say about dogs.

     But Bulgakov--tell me your reading of Bulgakov!  And what other Russian literature do you read?


Even though you're a useless fuck-wit I remain,



Eric Mader




Dear Eric


Well why would I even try to prove anything to a Christian? Would any normal human being try to prove anything to a dog?

     Everything I told you does not need proof because its common sense.  You dont know nothing about Bulgakov or the Bible because you are not Russian and your a dirty Christian.  Your even on the defensive.  You try so hard to defend your web site and your opinion that you have even resorted to using curses.  It really amuses me to see you curse like some school girl fresh off the boat.

     What I think of the work can only be really explained in its original Russian and since you know very little Russian it is not worth trying to explain it to you.  After all you are a dog just like you stated and you know hardly any Russian.  Why would I try to prove myself to a dog like you?

     You were right about one thing I did have to use several pages of the New Testament to wipe my ass but I am Russian after all and not ashamed.  It was very amusing to see the words of Jesus go into the toilet just like its amusing to see you curse like a school girl.

     Your such a funny character just like a clown in the circus.  First of all I wouldn't let you buy me a beer because I dont take anything from dirty Christians like you.  Second of all don't question the literature that I have read before because once again you know nothing of it because you know very little Russian and you are a dirty Christian dog just like you stated yourself.

     But if you must know of the literature I read some of the writers are Checkov, Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoyevski and others but again you wouldn't know anything about them.  I agree with you on one thing only and that is that I would gun you down.  I would probably use a Kalashnikov a Russian made weapon since you like Russian things so much.






P.S.  Repetition is the mother of learning and one day you will learn how to be a man so keep on trying. 






So you refuse to reveal anything new about Bulgakov because, you insist, you'd have to do it in Russian.  Pretty thin excuse.  It's obvious you've nothing to say about anything except your ass which, after all, is what you know best.  Maybe you should stick to (lovingly) wiping it and forget about writing letters or anything else.

     And then you give me a list of Russian classics that could come from any introductory course on Russian literature.  What's the point?

     If I curse like a schoolgirl in my letter it's probably because I'm trying to match your level of wit.  It's difficult, but, as you say, I'm trying.

     I do appreciate the remark about the Kalashnikov though.  I'd like to be gunned down early in the morning.  Dew fresh on the grass.  Hungover Israeli-Russian cunt with cigarette in his mouth and leaves of the New Testament still fresh in his ass.  Three shots echo through the forest.

     Maybe I can get some actual literary comment from you if we stick to things in English.  Consider the attached tale.  It was written by a Christian schoolgirl dog.  It was written, yes, for children.  It's about a Taiwanese schoolboy who joins Al Qaeda.  It's not man's stuff, so you might not like it.  But anyhow. . . .


Eric Mader


[I attached the English text of the tale Bye, Bye, Henry!]




Dear Eric


I dont refuse to reveal anything about Bulgakov.  I just don't have anything to prove to a moron like you. To you it might be a thin excuse but your opinion to me is the same as dirt on my shoe.  It means absolutely nothing.

    Eric its obvious to me that your some wanna be critic of Russian literature.  You are right about one thing again. I do know my ass best but at least I am the only one that knows my ass best. Your ass on the other hand, your whole neighborhood probably knows about it.

     Now you attack the list of writers that I gave you. Then you ask what's the point? Your inferiority complex is flowing like water.    

     Why would you try to curse like a school girl to match wit with an individual? Are you female? Its amusing to see you use the word cunt so often, you must have a real big one.

      If you really want to die anything can be arranged.  Everything is possible in the world of today.

     Why are you so defensive?  Its like your trying to have a contest.  Is it maybe because you know deep inside your nothing but a worthless shit talker?

   How did anything Israily have to do with any of this.  I see your true thought's come out.

   Once again the only literary comment you will receive from me is: Go burn with YESHKA.





P.S. Stop using your cunt to write letters.





Re: the story


Dear Eric:


After reading your story I was shocked.  I actually thought you weren't that stupid. That story is retarded.  I see the writer of that story was probably high on crack. 

     Now Eric listen if you wanna cry and try to insult somebody its ok but when you send garabage like that its just annoying.  Eric get your dick out of your ass and learn to be a man.


P.S Your a moron






How is it you wasted your time reading a story written by a Christian on crack who swears like a schoolgirl?  That's what I want to know.  A man like you must have more important things to do.  What is it you do there in Jerusalem anyway?
     I must say your last letter, the one preceding your criticism of the Henry tale, was quite depressing.  All the going on and on about cunts and asses and such--it wasn't as sharp or rhythmic as your previous letters.  

     Or course you know, Roman--I sense you're on the point of acknowledging it--that I'm a major American literary critic.  The point is that you should take my advice to heart.  Understatement is usually stronger than overstatement.  So think about this next time you start writing a letter.

     Also: If you want to translate my tales into Russian I'll send you more.  I won't pay you anything of course, but you'll probably feel such a sense of accomplishment that it'll be worth it.  Just let me know.  I've done quite a lot of such crack here in Taipei. 

     In fact I've a novel I've just published in English.  In fact it's more or less in one of the Bulgakov modes: canine satire.




Eric Mader




Dear Eric


What time are you exactly talking about? Once again you are right I did waste my time.  I shouldn't of even read it.   Please Eric dont worry about the things I have to do.  Don't stick your nose into my business.

    Its simple Eric its not critisism, there is no point to criticise you because all you gonna do is get defensive and come up with an excuse to your inferiority complex.  Its funny talking to you is like talking to a child trying to make an argument.  Once again I don't care about your opinion because its like dirt on my shoe.  You sense my point of acknowledgement that you are a major American literary critic????? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!  Get the Fuck outa here AHAHAHAHAHA!  

      Eric I wouldn't publish your novels if I had a gun to my head. Listen Eric I can see from the way you wrote your letter you took into account the inferiority complex comment.  I know your thinking about it because you know its true.  The problem with Christians like you is that you have no humility. The only thing you have is a self sentered attitude with an inferiority complex. You would probably get shot or punched in the mouth in most parts of the world so stay in Taipei.


P.S. Mary was a whore and Yeshka burns with Hitler.




Dear Roman:


I was going to send you a copy of my novel, and I was even ready to pay for the shipping myself.  I wanted to do this because I sense, my friend, that you make your living there in Jerusalem in some less than dignified way.

      I know it's hard for many good men to earn their bread in these difficult times.  But you shouldn't despair, Roman.  Remember the Apostle Paul, how he made tents to earn his keep while he preached the Good News to so many.  I only hope you are doing some honest work like that and not something beneath the dignity of a fellow believer in the Book.

     I was going to send you my novel, to share an important work of satire with you, to show you how far such literature has come since the time of Bulgakov.  But then you had to go and make such a disrespectful comment about Mary, a woman you should at least respect as the mother of a great Jewish prophet if you don't respect her properly--that is to say, as the mother Our Lord.  Your comment about Mary has made me feel that perhaps you ought to pay for the shipping of my novel yourself.  I'll still give you the novel, and I'll even sign it for you, but you will have to pay shipping. 

     You can transfer the shipping fee to my account here in Taiwan: the La-Mien Savings Bank, Fay-Hwa Branch, account number 4933-56-624.  Eric Mader-Lin is the name on the account.  Send $14.99 U.S. to this account, send me your address in Jerusalem, and I'll ship you the novel.

     Though I'm still willing to send you the novel, I really don't feel so comfortable any more letting you actually translate my work into Russian.  I have to be honest with you, Roman.  I think you may bend the words out of context whenever things come around to mentioning Christian doctrine or history. 

     Of course once the novel is translated into Russian it will become a best seller, as it's starting to be in the States (hardcover edition just hit the shelves there ten days ago).  Its humor is of a sort that Russians will greatly appreciate, rather in the Gogol / Dostoyevsky / Bulgakov / Babel line.

     I wonder if your virulent ideas will keep you separated forever from the Light that can be found in Jesus' teachings.  I'll pray for you, Roman.

     So wire that $14.99 and send me your address.




Eric Mader




Dear Eric

I don't want a copy of your novel and if you send it to me then I will burn it just like I did the New Testament. Listen to me Eric your senses mean nothing and what you sense again is nothing but an illusion brought on by the Inferiority complex. You are right it is hard to earn bread these days but dont worry about me, work on yourself first before making conclusions about other people.


I do remember Saul and that crazy and confused moron sort reminds me of you. He was a sort of dimented individual. He developed schizophrenia and betrayed his own people. Trust me he knew nothing of Yeshka just like you Christians know nothing of Yeshka. After all he was a Jew and we are Jews so we know him best. Saul reminds me of Raskolnikov. He probably made tents to earn his keep because no self-respecting Jew would hire that dimented psychopath.


Don't send me works on American satire.  I spit on anything American just like I spit on Yeshka. Trust me Woland is giving Yeshka a great time down under. That bastard was never a Jewish prophet and never will be. Dont pray for me you sick twisted fuck. Go to gehenem!


P.S. You say I'll pray for you but send me 14.99.  Listen stay in Tai Pai. You Idiotic Christian, I hope you will end up like Berlios! 






OK man I give you the last word. Keep the mirror shades shiny; keep the dirt off your shoes. 

     But just this: If Paul is Raskolnikov, you must be Smerdyakov's scrotum.


Yours sincerely,


Eric Mader






Dear Eric

OK son thank you for the last word I knew you don't have what it takes to stick to your words. Now all you have to think about is your inferiority complex. You will think about what I said, wont you? I know you will because you have a weak mind. EY MAN, its not Paul its Saul get it straight. You Christians screw up names all the time.  Its OK though I understand. Morons will always be morons.


The scrotum comment was rather desperate just like Christianity. In the end Eric, understand something. You really know nothing about God and you know nothing about literature. I look back and I was off in what I said. Raskolnikov was slightly different from Saul. Raskolnikov was more intelligent and he was a better human being. Saul is just a dog like Mary. If having the last word Eric makes you euphoric than you are desperate and you do have an inferiority complex.


P.S Intelligence is the balance of humility but in your case you have neither intelligence or humility.








No, no, my friend, in English when we say "I give you the last word" it means "OK, I'll let you be the last one to speak in this argument"--it doesn't mean "This is the last thing I'm going to tell you."  So when I wrote "OK man I give you the last word" that meant your last letter was the closing of our (supposed) debate.  It meant I would give no rebuttal, reserving the right merely to point out that you, like Paul, may find your own metaphoric place in Dostoyevsky.


Anyhow what makes me euphoric is learning about humility and God from such a holy scrotum as yourself.  Any time you want to send on any of your incendiary ravings I'm willing to read them. 


I'm not interested in this inferiority complex nonsense.  It's getting pretty thin, like your line about not needing to prove anything to Christians.  Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy (from your 101 reading list) were Christians after all.  And Dostoyevsky at least was quite an anti-Semite to boot.  So you should probably loathe both him and his work to boot. 


More dirt on your shoes man.








Dear Eric


Yes, Yes, I hear what you are saying. I know what last word means and from reading your last desperate word, I urge you to seek mental help just like Saul should of.


Eric dont speak about metaphoric places because you are clearly confused. If you learned anything about humility and God from a "holy scrotum" like me you wouldnt be a retarded Christian and you would not be publishing slow minded comic books to help your inferiority complex.


Its true Dostoyevsky was an anti-semite but he was still an intelligent man and deserves respect. I respect him (even though he was an anti-semite) more than you. Him and Tolstoy were Christians but dont compare them to yourself because you are no where near their inteligence level. 


If you have any doubts about you getting murdered in most places of the world then go to Russia, swing by the West Bank and stop by South Africa, then go up to Iraq or Jordan. You can go preach your Christianity in all these places.  If you make it through alive then I will congradulate you. You can even stay at my summer house right by the beach in Gaza Strip. You can talk to the freindly "American-loving" Palestinian population. Maybe you can even check out a Mosque. 


The Russians in Russia would really enjoy your chriticism after they cut your scrotum out with a butter knife. Please dont strick your nose in my business.


P.S. The Bible is meant for Jews not for Goys like you.


When the Torah says Thou Shalt Not Kill it means Thou Shalt not Kill Jews.


When the Torah says Thou Shalt not steal it means Though Shalt not steal from Jews.


THE Torah was never meant for Goys. If you knew anything about the Bible you would know that Gentiles or Goys are only allowed to do the seven laws of Noah or SHEVA MITZVOT BNEI HOAH. The so-called New Testament is a peace of shit like your book.




1. Christians say he was a sacrifice.  By Jewish law which was the only law back then regarding a religion of one God it says there can be no human sacrifices.


2. Sacrifices can only be done at the Holy Temple, but he was not killed at the Holy Temple.


3. He was not salted.


4. According to your own beliefs he was not of the tribe Judah. Why? Because you say he had no human father. But in reality he did have a human father who was not even a Jew but a Roman soldier. Tribal inheritance can come only through a human father.


5. In the King James version of the Bible it speaks in the Old Testament of a virgin conceiving, but the Torah (which has been unchanged since it was given to Mosha on Sinai and this has been proven) says nothing about any "virgin."


7. You people claim that their were witnesses to the resurrection but New Testament doesnt speak of credible witnesses. There were 600,000 thousand Jews who witnessed the Torah being given at Sinai.














It is an interesting argument you make: Jesus cannot be the son of God and of the house of David at the same time.  If he is the son of God, then he does not have lineage from the house of David.  I've never heard this argument before.  It reminds me of the question of who exactly mothered the children of Cain and Seth.

     As for the argument that Jesus was an illegitimate child and that a Roman soldier was his father, I will say: How can we know?  I've studied arguments of this sort and think they are convincing to the extent that they suggest Jesus was perhaps an illegitimate child.  As to who the father may have been, we really can't know, can we?  To me, Roman, it doesn't matter one way or the other.  I think an illegitimate child has a soul as much as any legitimate child.  An illegitimate child can be the son of God as much as a legitimate one.

     You see, Roman, that I am writing outside the purview of orthodox Christianity.  In fact I have never believed Jesus was literally a descendant of God in the sense of God directly impregnating Mary.  I believe rather that Jesus was the son of God through the Logos.  He was the son of God in the sense that this human individual was chosen to fulfill God's mission, to bring the Word to men: to be the Word for men and so liberate them.  For Jesus to find himself was to find his mission to men, and this showed his profound link to both men and God.  His sacrifice--walking bravely into the clutches of death and thus defeating it through the Spirit--was part of his mission.

    But my notion of Jesus' godliness is based more on his life and teaching than on his death.  My notion of his godliness is not founded in the idea of his being God's sacrifice of his "only-begotten Son."  If Jesus' death was a sacrifice, it was his own godliness leading him to sacrifice himself; his own conquering of death through walking into it without flinching.  This courageous act confirmed the "kingdom of God" that Jesus had already inaugurated.  Different from many, I believe the kingdom of God had already been inaugurated in Jesus' life and teachings: it was not inaugurated by his act of sacrifice.

     You can see by these paragraphs that I am not an orthodox Christian.  You can also see that I share much with the orthodox. 

     On another point: I don't think Paul really represented Jesus' doctrine.  I greatly respect Paul's brilliance, his radical theology, his desire to bring this new theology to the whole known world.  I think Paul as much as Jesus is the creator of what we know as orthodox Christianity.  I have much respect for orthodox Christianity, as for Paul's sincerity and genius, but I also have my own understanding of these things.

    But what is this you write about the Torah being "unchanged since it was given to Moshe on Sinai" and how "this has been proven"?  Do some Jews really believe the Torah (I take it you mean the first five books) was given to Moshe on Sinai?  Of course such a thing, even if believed by some, could never be "proven."  In fact it has more or less been proven that the Torah was a compilation of various texts dating from different periods.  Rather like evolution in biology, this is not longer even a matter of scholarly debate: it is accepted as obvious. 

     It may annoy you somewhat that in fact I am more or less a "pro-Semite," that my admiration for Jewish culture from all periods is very strong, and that in fact I spend around as much time reading Jewish writers as I do reading Christian writers.

     Thanks for your invitation to your Gaza summer home.  Tell me, what do you do there for relaxation?










Dear Eric


Your research has pointed you to the possibility that Jesus was an illegitimate son. I wouldn't recommend you to resort to that possibility because by Jewish law an illegitimate son is a Mumzer or a bastard. A bastard cannot be a Prophet, let alone the Messiah. This is Halacha or Jewish law, which was the only law at that time regarding the one God. It doesn't matter if he has a soul: a Mumzer cannot be anything. There's even a problem for him to be a Rabbi. Your proving your own religion wrong. Thank you for pointing all this out to me.


Once again he cannot sacrifice himself because that would be killing himself and murder is a major sin. He not only murdered himself but brought millions of others to sin.


Regarding your question of How do I personally know that the Torah has been unchanged?


I personally have compared ancient Torah scrolls that are in Israel as well as parts of the Dead Sea scrolls to today's edition of the Torah that you can buy in the book store and NOT ONE LETTER HAS CHANGED. I personally have in my possession in my house in America a Torah scroll 800 years old which I also compared and not one letter has changed. I have also checked copies of the Talmud from the Middle Ages, which are also the same. I also know many experts in Ancient history and Jewish History that teach in Tel Aviv University, Yeshiva University, New York University, Harvard University and that have confirmed all my research. Even a former Bishop of the Catholic church has also confirmed this and a Bishop from the Armenian church has also confirmed this. Rabbi Mordechai Eliahu the former Chief Rabbi of Israel can also confirm this at my request. Also Rabbi Johnathan Sacks the Cheif Rabbi of England and even the Archbishop of Canterberry in England can confirm this. If you want I can send you the technical data so you can compare yourself and I can send you comments from many other well known people that can also confirm this.


And by the way: evolution is not something accepted by everybody. Evolution has been rejected by many educated people and if you want to believe that your a descendant of a monkey than you can believe it.


Your own personal beliefs are flawed and have many contradictions. The so-called New Testament has many contradictions too.



If Yeshka had a clear vision of what God said then why did he give his teachings in parables?


Prophets wrote in parables because they were directed by Hashem to do so. Mosha wrote the 613 commandments clearly because he was directed by God to do so.


If Yeshka had a clear vision of what God told him then why did he use parables when their was no reason to? If God really gave him a new law to pass on to the people then why wouldn't he make it clear like Mosha's commandments?


Did Hashem just say the 613 commandments I gave don't count anymore, so hear is this (so-called) New Testament with all these contradictions so you should just follow it?


That doesn't make sense that he would cancel out the whole Torah for this so called "NEW LAW" that is full of contradictions. All of it doesn't make sense!


Anyway you should use your brain and think about your fake religion.


Your welcome to come to my house in Gaza at any time. What we do for relaxation is we swim and then we go Arab hunting.








Dear Roman:


Your reply is in a legalistic mode, which is what I would expect.  But how can such legalistic reasoning against Christianity have any meaning for me? 


To make a political parallel: Decades after a political revolution one can no longer take a man to court based on some statute in the laws of the Ancien Regime.  And the statutes you cite, in terms of Christianity, are from the Ancien Regime. 


Granted, I recognize that in this case the revolution was only accepted as valid by some.  You do not accept it as valid, and so you will consider things according to your own standards of validity.  Such is the normal way of things in such debates.


According to the Gospel of Mark, Jesus speaks in parables precisely in order not to be understood by the legalists, who only hear in legalese.  But for Christians this is only the beginning of what it means to speak in parables.  I think there is nothing self-contradictory in a scripture made mainly of parables.  Self-contradictions only come about when we (and I mean any "we") try to codify what is revealed in such parables.  When we try to turn what is revealed into a code of conduct with detailed legislation about everything.


Our languages, whether English or Hebrew or Japanese, are not up to conveying everything in the form of law codes or systematic theology.  There are truths that can only be revealed obliquely: truths that are ambivalent, even uncanny.


On another point: I don't doubt that the Torah is essentially unchanged since ancient times.  But this isn't what you originally wrote.  You wrote:


"the Torah (which has been unchanged since it was given to Mosha on Sinai and this has been proven)" 


It was the part about being able to "prove" just what was given to Moshe on Sinai, i.e., the question of how the Torah originally came to be written down-this is what I think can't be proven.  The first "writing down"--and how that writing down relates to divine inspiration--is something one can have ideas or beliefs or theories about, but not something that can be proven.


Thanks for your invite.  If I get to Israel some time, I'd try to look you up.  And I'd even try to buy you that beer.  But as for your notions of hunting, no, I'm not interested.


Eric Mader





Dear Eric


Your argument is very amusing. After I read your email, you made things crystal clear to me. You made me understand what true ignorance is about.


Lets make things clear Eric. During the time of Yeshka, approximately 2000 years ago, the only laws that were valid regarding a religion that involved one God were the laws of Judaism. Now since Christianity or the New Testament is based on Judaism or the Torah it is completely insane to say that Jewish law is no longer valid.






Its completely insane. Your New Testament is based on my Torah and by saying that my Torah is not valid then you might as well burn both parts and convert to Islam. That Ancient Regime you speak about is the Regime that almost everything today developed from.




Also my friend in the Torah the Messiah is suppose to be accepted by ALL JEWS. But clearly this did not happen. And so?




Also legality is the foundation of the Torah. The reason for that is because God gave the 613 commandments and we, as in JEWS, are suppose to follow those commandments. Without law there can be no order, so therefore law is required, and that is why God gave us law and also God gave gentiles SHEVA MITZVOT BNEI NOAH or the seven commandments of Noah. If the Gospel is not meant for legalists then their is no way it came from God.


Also do not compare English or Hebrew because you do not know Hebrew and because you can't understand the complex internal structure of the Hebrew language. If you want to begin to understand look into Gematria. Then things might become a little more clear to you.


Another thing: the only way the Torah scrolls could have been Kosher or clean is if every letter remained the same and I truly doubt Mosha would have changed around what God told him since the law that only God could change the Torah was very important and if broken severe consequences would occur. For example: when Jesus got crucified that was his punishment for changing around the word of Hashem.


MOSES GOT THE TORAH FROM GOD AT SINAI AND GAVE IT TO JOSHUA THEN JOSHUA GAVE IT TO THE ELDERS AND THEN THE PROPHETS THEN TO THE GREAT ASSEMBLY.  The Great Assembly consisted of 120 people who founded the liturgy (the words of the prayers), edited scriptural books, provided intensified study of oral law and precautionary measures to safeguard against transgression of the law.


The prophets were Ezra, Mordechai, Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi.


















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