Radio Obasan


1. Rich Wives' Chanting Club


It was just like like a Hsia Yu day

The chanting club gets ready to start 5:00 p.m. sharp

Then we all know we must be in solidarity

So our money will grow big in the future


Look: they line up one by one

To buy the crystal Buddha

That will never go out of fashion


I then realize we

Move in single file too

A team marching forever


Continue on this path

The miracle of Taiwan will be ours



2. Super On the Mark Beauty Salon


"Fat limits a woman's romantic appeal."


I know that a body covered in oil

Has no romantic appeal


In order to compensate for my husband

Working so many hours for his income

I have to sacrifice more


Spa, massage, whatever works

I throw lots of money into it


Then maybe my youth can be kept



3. Mama Wang's Fan Dance



Look at my beautiful figure

Lithely turning

In the early morning air

Wonderful music

Come and feel the fan

Scarlet red fan

How it makes me too sad

Worrying about my weight



Hah, hah, hah!

The fan's lightness turns the gigantic weight


by Han Han

translated by Eric Mader and Melusine Lin







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