Al Qaeda Getting out the Vote


Because they see him as tough and unyielding, the majority of Americans think George W. Bush will be a more effective leader than John Kerry in the war against terrorism.  When pollsters ask which candidate can better fight al Qaeda and protect our nation, Bush has always come out with a double-digit lead over his Democratic rival.


But not everyone agrees with the American populace on this question.  Most interestingly, one person who does not agree is Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden has now shown all the world that al Qaeda wants a second term for Bush.


You doubt it?  Why else would the al Qaeda leader release a threatening videotaped speech less than one week before Americans vote?  Go figure.  Bin Laden knows well enough how close the American race is.  He also knows very well that the more fearful Americans are of the al Qaeda threat, the more likely they will be to vote Bush.  Bin Laden's well-timed release of this taped message is thus an attempt to influence American voters. 


But why would al Qaeda want to give Bush another four years?  Isn't it Bush, after all, who is more aggressive in the fight against Muslim terrorism?  Why then would bin Laden try to influence the American election in this way?


The answer is obvious, and has been obvious for a long time.  Bush may be "more aggressive" in fighting terrorism, but at the same time his strategies are lame.  Bin Laden wants Bush to win another four years because he can see that Bush's foreign policy is, in the long run, accomplishing al Qaeda goals.  Bush is overextending the American military, alienating America's allies, and making major blunders as regards the Israel-Palestine conflict.  No American leader other than Bush is likely to send Osama bin Laden gifts as lavish as the American war in Iraq.  Bin Laden sees clearly that Bush's cowboy approach to foreign policy is doing much to swell support for al Qaeda even as it undermines support for America among nations that were formerly our closest allies.


For more than a year now, I've watched as my government played into Bin Laden's hand.  And when I've criticized the policies, I've been accused of being nave at best or anti-American at worst.  Many months ago I tried to present how Bush's foreign policies looked from the perspective of the enemy.  I was attacked by supposed patriots for being "flaky" and "wimpy," such a "bleeding-heart liberal."  I was criticized for being "divisive"--that word they've used repeatedly to silence debate of the issues.  "We can only meet al Qaeda with force," I was told.  "That's the only language they understand."


Yes, I'd have to agree.  Force is the only language they understand.  And that is why bin Laden is trying to sway the American election like he is.  He wants four more years of misguided American force, four more years of America squandering its opportunities, four more years of America shooting itself in the foot.





Vote Kerry on Tuesday.  Let's bring America back into the community of civilized nations.


Eric Mader

October 30, 2004







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