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[Editorial for use early 2003.  Best if used in the southern half of the continental U.S.]


I am deeply upset by all the people in the world who are protesting against my country.  But what upsets me even more is all the Americans who see fit to join them.  Who do these people think they are?  Don't they see that this is a time of national crisis?  If these Americans don't approve what their government does then I think they should just go and live somewhere else.  Somewhere like Iraq might be good!  Then at least they'll learn to appreciate the freedoms they have in this country.


Some people say our president George W. Bush is fighting this war just to gain control of Iraq's oil.  I think this is simply wrong.  Don't they listen to what the man is saying?  He has made it very clear: this war is to disarm Saddam Hussein's hateful regime and give the Iraqui people freedom and democracy.  I think these protestors should watch the news a little more often.  They might learn something!


Our president is an upright and honest man who should be trusted.  When I listen to him I just know he and his Administration are fighting for the truth.  He is a Christian who believes in the blood of Jesus Christ.  He is not at all like our last president, who engaged in hainous and disgusting sexual acts in the White House and brought such shame to our country.  How long will it be before America recovers from the moral shame of the Clinton years?  It will be a long time, I believe.


Because George W. Bush is not at all like that, he deserves our support.  He does not engage in perverse sexuality so his policies must be right.  This is what I truly believe, and I am entitled to my opinion.  I just think our country would be greater today if more people believed like me.  But America has fallen so far from it's former self!


Recently I've learned that some Americans are even doubting the truth of the tragedy that happened in our country on September 11th, two years ago.   There is even a plot a foot to suggest that the CIA may have been engaging in a conspiracy, and that the government might be behind it.  This I think is ridiculous and disgusting!  Why in God's name would our security services want to attack Americans, to such a terrible and tragic loss of life?  It doesn't even make sense.  Only evil minds like those of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein would want to plot to kill Americans.  Sometimes I think these so called "conspiracy theories" are even put out by Al Quaeda to weaken us.  This is what I truly believe, and I am entitled to my opinion.


The events of September 11th, 2001 are sacred to our memory as a tragic day of national mourning, and anyone who is on our side in this War on Terrorism has no business suggesting such hateful theories about what truly happened that day.  I know what truly happened that day because I saw it on CNN, just like everyone else!  Who do people think their fooling by suggesting such things?  Those who lost they're lives on that day should be respected.  Studying these things too closely can only confuse people, and in the long run it will only make us weaker!


I predict that America is heading for a dark day.  If more people don't stand up and support what is right and stand behind our president to fight this Iraqui menace to our national sovereignty, I fear we will only get what we deserve.  America has fallen so far from it's past glory!  What happened to the values of the Founding Fathers?  This is what I want to know.  You wouldn't have seen George Washington joining any anti-government protest!  You wouldn't have seen Benjamin Franklin doubting Christianity and casting grave doubts on our leaders! 


I find the way things have turned out to be in this country is so disgusting, and this is my opinion, and I am entitled to my opinion.  Every American has the freedom to his opinion, which is better then can be said for most of those countries in the U.N.!


God bless all of you who stand with our government.  May God save our nation from it's enemies!


I better go now.  I've written quiet a lot here.  Bless you all if you are on our side.  If you are not on our side you don't know the truth.  The truth can set you free!


By [fill in name here],



[This editorial was written for New-Republicans who don't want to bother typing out their own editorials.  I give them permission to quote from it or to use it in its entirety.  I believe it genuinely expresses the principles, thinking and spelling style of many of the "committed" Republicans I've talked with over the past couple years.  Or rather: regarding many of these people, if they are not already committed, they probably should be.  And yes: God save our nation from its enemies! --Eric Mader-Lin]







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