What I Will Miss in Taipei


I have been to many different cities in my life: such as Honolulu, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Bangkok.  But for Taipei I have strong feelings that are hard to express.  No matter whether the feelings are bad or good, they are still very strong.  I grew up in Taipei.

     I am moving to Tokyo in a few months.  I am kind of missing Taipei already. 

     First and easiest to speak of is the weather.  I do like the weather in Taipei.  Although sometimes the winter season brings some cold and rainy days, Taipei has warm, fine weather through most of the year.  This means there are many tropical fruits that are hard to find in other places.  Whenever I walk into the traditional food market with my mother, I see plenty of vegetables and fruits which are arranged nicely on each stand.  Compared to the prices in Tokyo they are very cheap.  I’m not used to living in the minus zero degree weather in winter like they have in Tokyo.  Therefore, living in Taipei city is in a way a kind of paradise for me.

     Another important thing is the meetings that are possible in Taipei.  I call myself a Taiwanese, but I meet people from many different countries.  Maybe it’s because I live in the Tien Mu district of Taipei where many foreigners come.  Or because I study in a Japanese school.  At first I felt confused living in such surroundings.  But afterward I made a lot of international friends year by year.

     These are some of the things that I’ll remember in Taipei.  I feel myself more mature after my years in this city.  Taiwan only looks like a small island on the earth.  But it’s really a colorful and powerful place, one that I will always like.


Rita Tanaka,

January, 2003,




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