"George W. Bush has deep ties to the American political unconscious.  He gets such strong support because he knows what people really want from a leader.  He responds to the heart."  --Sarah Cunningham, Bush Campaign Volunteer






WANTED: A Leader



Give me liberty or give me a leader.


And not just a gutless brakes-for-small-animals wussy leader.


Not some wimpy Euro-style leader.


No, I want a macho backslapping birdflipping leader.


A leader to stand in for me.



Give me liberty or give me a leader.


And not some UN appeaser leader.


Not some smart-talking international lawyer leader.


I want a bastard that eats the third world for breakfast and Germany for lunch.


A leader with teeth like the casings used to shell unruly villages.


A leader willing to jack up the unequal distribution of wealth.


A leader that never offers small growers the fair price.


That loves dangerous chemicals and refuses to stop their spillage.


A leader to stand in for me.



Give me liberty or give me a leader.


I want an arrogant decisive leader.


A leader not afraid to ignore treaties, modify Constitutions, or travel by condom inside the belly of a Colombian housewife.


A leader who burns up three tankers of crude per hour.


Whose golf cart gets four miles to the gallon.


A leader who plows under Afghan poppy fields with his left hand while cashing in on the traffick with his right.


A leader who rails against abortion but doesn't mind a few schoolgirls gunned down by Israeli thugs.


A leader who can tell it like it is with a string of baldfaced lies.


A leader to stand in for me.



Give me liberty or give me a leader.


And don't show me some Nam vet on welfare hard luck leader.


I want a robust ballbusting moving-forward leader.


A contra-loving neocon heehawing leader.


A leader ready to kick the Pope, doctor the books, and cash in the whole future for a quarter of good earnings.


A leader not afraid to cheat or tell the academics where to get off.


A leader ready to grab what he can from our fast dying planet.


A real leader, not a negotiator or intellectual.


Don't give me a bilingual fucking leader! 


I want a leader with grammar like a gas station attendant.


A leader ready to choke that bitch Mother Nature like she deserves. 


A leader guaranteed to rot my bladder and destroy my soul.


A leader to end all leaders.


A leader to stand in for me.



Eric Mader

Taipei, 10/31/04


Poached from the poem "Caffeine" by

Wallace Gagne

Tokyo, 07/10/04





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