Obama to Offer Posts to Fox Journalists


A Disassociated Press Report, Washington, D.C., January 8, 2009


By Eric Mader


President-Elect Barack Obama's transition team today rebutted criticism of its choice of CNN correspondent Sanjay Gupta for Surgeon General by insisting that posts would be opened up for Fox News journalists as well. 


After complaints that the choice of Gupta represented a bias in favor of CNN, co-chairman of Obama's transition team John Podesta claimed the new president would "make good on the promise of inclusiveness."  Podesta declined to specify which posts might be open.


Sources in the Obama camp, however, have leaked three names of potential nominees.  Speaking on condition of anonymity, an Obama transition insider said that Fox journalist Sean Hannity was "under serious consideration."


"We're thinking of offering him the post of Asswipe General," the source said.  "That's a new post we'd be creating, but Hannity looks most likely to get the nod.  It's true there are those pushing for O'Reilly."


Asswipe General is only one of the positions that may be created to accommodate the right-wing media.


"We're considering creating a position for Ann Coulter too," the source said.   "But we're unsure yet what we'd call it.  Some say the title should be Bigot General, others prefer Secretary of Duhhh."





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