Priory Suspect Arrested Entering U.S.


A Disassociated Press Report, Washington, D.C., June 17, 2005


By Morris Whitely


A suspected member of the terrorist organization the Priory of Sion was arrested trying to enter the United States Monday, according to a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security.  The suspect, an Irish national, was arrested while passing through customs at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City.


"At this point we cannot be certain of his business in this country," Department of Homeland Security spokesman John T. Griffin said. 


The suspect was arrested after customs officials found him to be carrying Priory-related literature as well as a Priory training video.


"The materials and video we found him carrying are pretty unsettling stuff," the spokesman said.  "There are some weird rituals shown in this video."


The suspect is a 28-year-old Irish male.  His passport reveals him to have been living in Taiwan during recent years.


"It is very possible that the Priory has an active base in Taiwan," the spokesman said.  "Taiwan doesn't have a lot of valuable Christian art for the Priory to deface, but it's true that Taiwan's uncertain diplomatic status makes it a good place for the group to train operatives.  My best guess is they're practicing by defacing Buddhist paintings and sculptures."


Describing the training video, the official spoke of scenes intended to inculcate Priory sexual and gender ideologies. 


"We are still analyzing this material," he said.  "There are scenes obviously intended to undermine traditional notions of gender.  There's a subversive feminist agenda that's being pushed pretty hard."


The spokesman said they still could not be sure where the video was produced.


"We've had our experts analyze the architecture and the style of dress in the video, and based on this analysis we suspect it was probably filmed in Taiwan," he said.  "We still can't be certain however."


This is the first major Priory of Sion arrest on U.S. soil since the group was officially declared a terrorist organization last month. 


The Department of Homeland Security has refused to release complete scenes from the training video, providing instead various stills with explanatory captions.





Scenes from the Recently Seized

Priory of Sion Training Video


Provided to the Press by

the U.S. Department of Homeland Security




Actors in the Priory video discuss gender roles.  The video seeks to "undermine traditional notions of gender."




Using actors, the video "dramatizes the struggles of a young man who eventually finds fulfillment by joining the Priory."




Loyalty to the Priory's principles is stressed in the video.  According to experts, the actors' style of dress suggests the video was made in Taiwan.









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