Re: the next presidential election


Bush is a great patriot and he deserves our support one more time. Look what he has accomplished.


He's spent heaps upon heaps of taxpayers' money in order to invade Iraq.  He's nowhere near done spending yet.  All the more reason to stand behind him!  But why?


The invasion of Iraq was a good idea for Bush because it looked like it could help out his buddies in the oil business.  And since nothing is more patriotic than giving a helping hand to your buddies, this war has proved Bush's patriotism!  That he used taxpayers' money to do it only further demonstrates his commitment to American values. So Bush has proved his patriotism by this war in Iraq, and true Americans ought to support him.


Some might say that Iraq is a third world country and didn't really have any seriously threatening weapons programs--at least none that could threaten the world's only superpower.  And many have pointed out that it's obvious the Bush administration knew the shabby state of Iraq's weapons programs long before the war even began.  As patriotic Americans, we should say: "So what?" In fact it's patriotic to accept and praise our president's lies because it shows solidarity with our national destiny.  We must do what it takes to fulfill our destiny!


Consider a comparison from the animal kingdom: Just as it is sometimes important for the lion to show he can take care of the threatening squirrel, so it is important for America to show it can take over Iraq.  It's true the squirrel may not have been a direct threat to the lion, but the squirrel can help prove the lion's superiority. We hold these truths to be self-evident.


Bush's patriotism shows also in his other policies towards the world.  Much of the world is still blinking and confused at the specter of this glorious new America rising up.  Bush's policies have shown the world that America is not going to go along with them, but that instead they will follow American rules if they want to succeed.  This is because America is Number One. 


The good patriot shows contempt for the feeble plans and treaties of other nations and shows, again, that the Lion is King.  The Lion consumes the most and is proud of his consumption, because the Lion deserves his share, as is written in the Book of Isaiah.  The Lion's might comes from his strength.  His great strength arises from his might.


Many thought they were allies of the Lion (France, Germany, Europe in general), but they now see they were mistaken.  There are no allies of the Lion but the Hyena, and even the Hyena must take what is left behind, and share the scraps with his cronies.


So reason tells us we should support Bush, who is a Christian and who is truly the Lion.  America must follow her own destiny of gutting squirrels at great expense.  The rules must be rewritten before the last Seal is broken.  And we are in the whirlwind of the End Times.  We see a Great Light.  We will rewrite these rules.


We must support Bush for America.  We can afford it.  It is to make our nation great.  


Laurence Daft

Paradise, Ohio







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