My Experience of Disaster


In many places in the world there are natural disasters.  And in each different country people will have a different idea of which kind of disaster is the most terrible.  Maybe people would say flood, typhoon, volcano or even twisters.  There are all different kinds of opinions.  For me, however, the worst disaster must be the earthquake.  I say this because my experiences have made me so sure of it.  Here in Taiwan we have learned how terrible earthquakes can be.

     In the past, I didn’t feel this way.  When I was younger, whenever an earthquake happened, I even felt it was fun.  Usually I jumped up and down shouting ignorantly with my kid sister Seiko.  But all this changed when the big earthquake hit two years ago on September 21.  Fortunately my family had only small property damage—some broken glasses and a collapsed closet—in that incident.  Of course, like many people, we suffered a few days of no electrical power and no water.  Nevertheless, I simply want to thank God again for what minimum damage happened to us.  Because a lot of people lost their houses and even the lives of family members.

     The big earthquake totally shocked me.  I became so nervous and a little panicked whenever the earth shook again.  In the meantime I pray for a peaceful life in our future.  I am here to promise myself that I will cherish my life more from now on.  And I will try my best to contribute my strength to help people who suffer from natural disasters.  And finally, may God be with us all.


Rita Tanaka,

June 2002,




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