Clarity a Goal in New Iraq Strategy: Bush


A Disassociated Press Report, Washington, D.C., January 4, 2007


By Eric Mader


U.S. President George W. Bush today said he would be ready sometime next week to announce a new strategy for the Iraq war.  Part of the new White House plan will most likely include a troop increase of 20,000-40,000, according to various sources.


Bush refused to give specifics in his remarks, only reiterating broad strategy goals.


"All I can tell you at this point is that the course we ultimately take will ignore expert advice of any kind," the president said.  "We'll continue to scoff at the opinions of experienced diplomats and military men, and we'll stick with pigheaded, misguided policies until our hand is forced to make up new pigheaded, misguided policies."


During the nearly four years since the start of the Iraq war, the president has prided himself on ignoring both experts on the region and his own generals, preferring to make policy directly out of his own ass.


"My own ass is named Richard Cheney," the president said.


Asked if a troop increase was in fact part of the new White House strategy, the president would not say, but hinted: "You know, sometimes if you pour enough gasoline on a fire, you can put it out."


"We're not winning in Iraq, but we're not losing either," Bush said. "Frankly I don't like the ambiguity of it.  That's why my administration intends to keep pushing things, keep moving forward, making bold strokes.  Recently I've been thinking to myself, if this is a quagmire we're in, well, maybe with a few more troops we can make it a full-fledged debacle."


Bush said that the American people elected him because of his decisiveness and refusal of half measures.


"The American people want clarity," he said.  "If we're fated to lose in Iraq, let's lose big, let's go full out.  Three-thousand Americans dead and a trillion-plus dollars spent--that's not quite big enough by my reckoning.  I want this war to go down in History with a capital 'H.'"


The president will present his new Iraq strategy as early as next week Wednesday.


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