Rhetoric to Stay Upbeat: Bush to Supporters


A Disassociated Press Report, Washington, D.C., May 17, 2006


By Eric Mader


U.S. President George W. Bush today assured supporters that he would continue to offer them upbeat rhetoric no matter what disasters may occur in the remaining years of his second-term.


"Depressing facts on the ground will never in any way influence my pronouncements," Bush said in a scheduled radio address delivered from the White House.


The president acknowledged that evidence was mounting daily of his administration's misdeeds and policy mistakes, but insisted that supporters needn't worry because "reality can never touch us."


"The road of reality is wide and smooth," he said.  "The signposts of fact are clear.  But we have marched to a different drummer, and we will not stop marching now."


Bush promised his supporters that he would continue to deny failures and would not on any account acknowledge what his administration had really done.


"You who supported my policies, you who voted for me in 2004, you should never have to admit mistakes," he said.  "I myself won't admit them, so you shouldn't have to either."


Bush described his typical supporter as proud of heart and narrow of mind, and said that admitting mistakes was difficult for most who supported his agenda.


"I feel your pain," he said at one point.  "Reading the news must be hard for you these days.  Probably it's a good thing most of you don't read much.  But the show isn't over yet.  I've good people in this administration, and I'm confident we will never really have to face up to what we've done.  Rest assured that in the end we will figure out some way to blame it all on the Democrats."


The president did not specify whether he was referring to the Iraqi debacle, the Katrina disaster, the outing of Valerie Plame, the Halliburton no-bid contracts, the widespread American use of torture, the illegal domestic surveillance program, the Dubai ports deal, the Abramoff corruption scandal, the record-breaking national debt, the assault on environmental protection laws, or the slow erosion of the American system of checks and balances.





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