Bonjour, America!


Let's raise up a glass to Barack

Who broke the Republican lock

Cuz we're trillions in debt

And our troops aren't home yet

From a war that was mostly a crock.


Let's drink up to Barack Obama

He's smarter than your or my mama

With a tough middle name

That proved quite a pain

And a last name that rhymes with Osama.


And let's raise a glass to McCain

Undone by his own lame campaign

'Bout a hundred dumb smears

One for each of his years

And a VP who's nearly insane.


She's famous for shooting that moose

And now she has cooked Grandpa's goose

When the Rapture does come

She'll go up with her gun

That's better than setting her loose.


But let's raise up a glass to y'all

Winded a bit from your fall

Since the shit's hit the fan

We're changing the plan:

Time to start cleaning that wall.


Cuz the writing beneath is quite clear

And 2009 is the year

We take all of Fox News

And Sean Hannity's views

And shove 'em up Dick Cheney's rear!


Cuz it's bye to the old GOP

Their demise seems the right thing to me

To hear from that crowd

They even seem proud

To be stupid as stupid can be.


Yes, tomorrow will be a new day

All you righties in sad disarray

But I'll wish you Bonjour

With my accent so pure

As I sip from my fresh soy latte!



Eric Mader

4 novembre 2008





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